My Tweets For The Week

  • Waiting on a delivery. Any bet it will come during the ten minutes it will take me to pick up the twins… #
  • Made it home just in time to catch the delivery guy. #
  • Back in the land of laser printers again after a flirtation with ink. It's wireless and duplex, very nice. #
  • Not sure why but today I decided to use Windows Media Player for music instead of ITunes. #livingontheedge #soundsexactlythesameregardless #
  • I really should have listened to 'Get Ready' more, it's a great album. #
  • Kids first full day at kinder today. I'm expecting two very tired twins this evening. #
  • OneNote, one of @Microsoft best apps that no one knows about, is now available for Android. Go, download it now. #
  • Re-reviewing our hospital cover. So many options my head is spinning. #
  • Bugger. The freezer in the garage became unplugged over night. Lost a bit but thankfully fully packed drawers were still frozen solid #
  • No lolly teeth at either Coles or IGA. What is the world coming to? #
  • I feel like I'm back in 1986, this costume (in so many ways) rocks. #
  • I'd feel a lot better if Rae and Phee would stop laughing at my mustache though. #

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