Waiting, waiting, waiting…

We went to Shepp for a little holiday just after Christmas and while we were there we went shopping. Rae disappeared so I checked out the magazine display and ended up buying one. No, not a PC magazine, or a men’s health type one or one with scantily clad ladies. No, I bought a copy of National Geographic, and what’s more I read it cover to cover.The thing is I enjoyed it so much I decided to take up their special offer of $40 for a 12 month subscription. How old am I?

Then last week I was perusing OzBargain when I saw The Guardian Weekly had an amazing offer – $20 for a year’s subscription – so I took one out on the spot.

Now I’m waiting, waiting, waiting patiently for both of them to appear in my letter box. Both should expire at the same time so I’m going to have to keep an eye out for offers later in the year, I trust one of you will remind me.

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