A Great Day

My lovely wife celebrated a birthday yesterday, one that ended in a zero so we had a party here at home for her. It taught us two things.

One. We are incredibly lucky to have the friends and family that we do.

Two. We can control the weather. Seriously, if you want rain just ask us to organise a bbq for a largish group of people and we can offer a money back guarantee that, at least for Derrimut, you will get water falling from the skies the night before and day of the bbq.

Thanks again to everyone for making it a wonderful day. It’s not often you get to see Jimi Hendrix chatting to Janis Joplin, or Band Aid Freddy fighting Wembley Concert Freddy for a crown. Lots of good memories to take with us.

Rae, the birhtday girl.





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