My Tweets For The Week

  • Tennis done. Cricket all but done. School just about to go back. Must be footy time any day now. #
  • Any one else have problems when they get new glasses? My eyes are all over the shop today. #
  • Kids too busy playing with Lego and on Club Penguin to watch a movie. #noneedforpaternitytest #
  • Any bar tenders out there? I know the ingredients for a Montenegro Mule, just not sure on proportions. #
  • Why do they put screws in glasses so they face down? Surely it would be safer to have them face upwards in case they work loose? #
  • Surprise. Kids actually start kinder today, not next Monday. Thankfully Rae re-read the letter. Only a half daytoday but excited kids. #
  • Stupid computer – how can there be so many solutions to 'no valid ip configuration' and not a single works…. #
  • Love it that Rae can get a movie from @oovie_australia in the city and I can return it just around the corner. #
  • Here's a tip. Frozen pork belly looks very much like frozen chicken fillets. #changeofplanfordinner #
  • Bert back to school this morning, back to the old routine. #
  • First back to school crisis solved – school hats found in the old school bag. #
  • Reading the 'CpmmWeb Virtual Payment Client Integration Guide' is as scintillating as it sounds. #
  • Moo just had a mega meltdown before we left the house but she has learnt that screaming "I WANT LUNCH OUT TOO" will not get her lunch out. #
  • Proud that Moo chose Dora stickers over Barbie #
  • Saturday morning Blu Ray fun – pod race sequence and then light sabre duel from The Phantom Menace. #
  • Stunned by the number of Doctor Who fans here. #
  • Wow, the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular was, well, spectacular..@steven_moffat #
  • New neighbours moving in, dropped the truck off at 11 lsat night. At least they had the decency not to unload it then unlike previous mob. #
  • I blame you @richard_annable – my printer stopped working today! (But thanks for the excuse to go to Officeworks) #
  • Quickbooks all up to date and totally unrelated – just noticed the temp has dropped 10 degrees in about 10 minutes. Where's the rain though? #
  • Weather playing havoc with television reception. Do all channels (talking digital) originate from the same transmitter in Melbourne? #

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