My Tweets For The Week

  • This morning's work music – the magnificent @strangemoosic (Herman Dune) but I'd rather be with @raezm at the movies and shopping. #
  • That stomping you hear would be the sound of people putting solar panels on our roof. #
  • Unexpectedly stuck waiting for an hour. Fire up @AmazonKindle app on phone and keep on reading from where I left off at home. Love it. #
  • Ouch. Car service, four new tyres and insurance bill all on the one day. #anyoneneedawebsite #
  • I am wearing socks, in January. This is wrong. #
  • 96 people have submitted the form successfully but *you* can't so obviously the form doesn't work. Le sigh. #
  • Solar panels being bolted in to place. They are okay, hope none of the workers get blown off the roof though. #
  • Shiny panels now on our roof. Just up to our electricity supplier to get their act together now. #
  • Must be cold tonight, Bella is back on the bed. #
  • Greater Union hasn't changed since my last visit in 1989. This makes me happy. #
  • Finally watched Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, loved it. #
  • Looks like a rental inspection across the road. Dammit, they residents there now are nice and quiet. #
  • Just dropped Phee at work in my pj's. Look on her face when I said I was coming in to get coffees was priceless. #
  • Lemon Lime & Bitter slurpee ain't too bad. #
  • Watching old Law and Order on Foxtel – seems incredibly dark. Wondering if it is Foxtel or the way it was shot. #

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  1. lol @ PJs tweet… poor Phee!! Must admit, it is somthing I would do to CJ too when the time comes….

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