Out and About

Rae’s been on holidays since Christmas but I’ve been back working since New Years, sure with a few distractions along the way but it’s been busy and I have had to spend a lot more time at the computer than I wanted to with Rae at home.

However I did take Thursday and Friday off and got to see a little more of the world than what’s outside my office window. Thanks to Zita, who looked after the kids and gave us a Christmas gift of a night away, Rae and I got to have a mini holiday. We spent it in town, staying at a nice hotel, having lunch out, going to the movies, walking through the city, going out to dinner at not only a grown up restaurant but a groovy one (Giuseppe Arnaldo & Sons where I firmly jumped back on the wagon for one night thanks to their Montenegro Muels), more walks through city and then some journeying around town the next morning. It’s not often we get to spend so much time together without one of our swarm running in with some emergency so these little ‘us times’ are very special.

Bert at MastersThen this morning it was me and Bert time. Masters hold free workshops called ‘Build and Grow’ for kids aged 5-10 so off we went. It was great. He received his own Masters apron to wear and today he got to build a since lab. It was a nifty little kit of a couple of test tubes, a dish and some cards with experiments on them that all slotted in to a little shelf you built. The nails were a bit tricky, or stubborn,  for 5 year old arms so dad had to come to the rescue (stop laughing!) but we walked away with the apron, the kit and a certificate. He’s now all pumped up for the more workshops, which they plan on holding once a month, so it looks like I know where I’ll be at least one Saturday a month for the foreseeable future.

Rae’s back at work on Monday so one day left for excursions. We’ve got breakfast planned but not much after that. Maybe the chance for one more trip before life settles back in to routine. I love these first couple of weeks of January, they’ll always be my favourite time of the year.

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