My Tweets For The Week

  • Lawns done, back to work #oneofthejoysofworkingforyourselffromhome #
  • I would like to think that after the start to today things can only improve. However I know better. #
  • Then again, I may be wrong. Bert decided he'd make his own sandwich for school today. #
  • And it improves a little more. Gaslight Anthem covering Baba O'Riely. (nudge @danielbowen @jentopia) #
  • Been listening to Absolute80s all this time but have just discovered the local Mix80s on DAB. Misses a lot of the cool UK tracks though. #
  • Hate the new Tigers logo, a huge step backwards. Looks like a rejected idea from the 80s #gotiges #
  • I need to plant an orchard in the back yard, our kids can demolish a basket of fruit in seconds. #
  • You know what, I've had a few hours now to grow accustomed to the new Tigers logo. I hate it even more. #gotiges #
  • On a chicken Twisties high #
  • If you live in Derrimut call the EPA and report that smell. 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC) #
  • Watched first three episodes of Parks and Recreation. Meh, we both fell asleep. #
  • Nice evening to go for a walk with the wife. Lots of fun critiquing front gardens. #

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