My Tweets For The Week

  • Grrrr. The machine that goes ‘ping’ isn’t going ‘ping’ today so have to make another appointment. #
  • But more importantly, Bert positively bounced his way in to school this morning. He was ready to go at 7.00am. #
  • Asked to look over a site for someone. Found this in the code.
    Not hard to tell it was created offshore. #
  • Okay, I’ve had this sore throat now for four days and it’s not going away. How do I get rid of it? #
  • Just saw Ruslan @Kogan walk in front of me. He has a nice car. #
  • Struggling today but have to go to a meeting. At least I know there will be good coffee there. #
  • I actually tried to watch a bit of The One. Those frauds make me so angry I lasted 3 minutes. #
  • What’s going on @theage ? One report says Apple wins its law case, another report says it lost. #
  • Petrol at Caltex – $1.51. Petrol at Shell five minutes further on, $1.31. #
  • ’42 Australians fail dope test’ is the headline on The Age site. Oh, I’m sure it’s a lot more than that. #
  • Days like this are a struggle. No sitter, phone won’t stop ringing, projects piling up and two kids who really, really need a sleep. Read some reviews of the best earplugs for sleeping – got inspired. #
  • Billy Bragg live on @6Music, making feel all bolshie on a Friday afternoon. @ClaireSlevin #
  • My Sharpie says ‘Do Not Shake’. I so desperately want to shake it now. #
  • Congratulations to my niece Jess on the arrival of Angus, great piece of news to finish the week on. #
  • There’s the next tea towel. Chris Hawkins – Radio Man @clarenasir @BBCChrisHawkins #teatowelclub #
  • Single Gun Theory, a soothing and welcome blat from the post. #
  • Stalking my wife via Latitude. #
  • Hmmm. Movie time for the kids. What’s this one? ‘The Shining’. Oh that sounds nice and bright and happy, I’ll put that on for them. #
  • Four kids, eating ice cream to reading quietly in bed in under 20 minutes. I rock. #
  • Having only seen it in 4:3 on vhs and dvd I have to say The Shining on bluray is a revelation. #
  • The Shining off, Manchurian Candidate is on ABC2 #
  • Toto’s Africa twice in one day. Isn’t that one of the signs of the rapture? #

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