The Scotch Smell And Where It Leads

Had a blast from the past today, and it was a smelly one.

Now this may surprise you (especially those who know my not-quite-an-iron-man physique * cough *). but in the dim dark past I worked in a furniture store’s warehouse (just found out it’s still trading too) way out in Braeside. It was my job to unload the vans that brought furniture in; anything from a side table to Queen size mattresses and couches and if any needed Scotchgard that was my job too. Even if I could have been bothered to I eventually would have lost count of the number of cans of I went through.

Today we had two new couches delivered and instead of some poor uni student stuck in the middle of nowhere doing it I dusted off the old skills and applied the Scotchgard myself. The smell took me back 20 years to that pokey little warehouse, the days spent with no delivery at all and the long trek home. They eventually shut down the warehouse (or so I was told) and as I had to pay the rent I ran off to uni employment services. They told me they had a position at a hospital in Malvern up for grabs.

I had no idea where Malvern was, what a Cabrini was or what food service entailed but I thought I’d give it a shot. Got around to leaving just over 16 years later.

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  1. Why didn’t they just tell you they didn’t want your services any longer? They lied and told you they were shutting up shop, but are still trading 20 odd years later? Cruel.

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