The Phone I Don’t Want

I’ve just received the monthly phone bill for our home phone. We made 11 calls. It cost us just as much to have a silent number as it did to make calls. All of those calls were to just two numbers too.

I wish we could rid ourselves of this antiquated service but when we moved in I had to have the phone connected to get an internet service. Naked ADSL wasn’t available here back then and now if I want to move to Naked ADSL I’d have to have the phone disconnected and wait for up to two weeks yo have it reconnected, and given recent growth in this area there’s no guarantee there would be a free port. When you consider my livelihood is directly connected to having an internet connection I’m stuck paying $30 a month for a service we don’t need or use.

The only way around it that I can see is that we all go on holidays for two weeks.

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  1. I’m thinking the same way, but haven’t fully investigated my options yet.

    Have you double-checked you’re on the cheapest possible plan? (eg Telstra’s default is about $30, but there’s a cheaper $22-ish one.)

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