My Tweets For The Week

  • Mr hep cat Bert can click his fingers. He's sitting at the table clicking away like a beret wearing jazz musician from the 50s. #
  • Actually have my office window open. For a close-enough-to-winters day you can't ask for better than today. #
  • Nice walk back from school with a more sedate than normal boy. He's too much like his dad though to say if anything happened. #
  • Rae not well and off to bed so more music and Kindle this evening. Tonight Barenaked Ladies (tunes) and Strip Jack (book). Theme anyone? #
  • Rae just reminded me that I was very mean to her in a dream and that I should apologise. #
  • Apparently it feels like 1.7 degrees outside. I'm heading for the doona, see you in the morning. #
  • Was trying out but it's pretty pointless when I already have @BBC6Music @ClaireSlevin @BBCChrisHawkins #
  • Just back from the accountant. Wish I still drank. Sigh. #
  • Waiting for my noodles. I'm #21 #
  • Rae is Syndey tonight so a good chance for a bit of Geography with the kids. Google Earth is invaluable. #
  • No matter how hard I try I can't sleep in the middle of the bed when Rae is away. #
  • Maybe that would have been more fun with Rae. Now dinner for one. #
  • Having a brilliant birthday. Huge thanks to ZIta for helping make it happen. #
  • What a wonderful birthday, thank you every one, especially my lovely wife. xox. #
  • And crashing back down to earth after a grand day – catching up with book work. #
  • This WordPress upgrade seems to be taking a very long time…. #
  • Go to sleep kids! I want to watch Doctor Who! #

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