This Rant Not Brought To You By Toll Ipec

Honestly, what have I ever done to Toll? Do they have a god I have offended? Does an unknown archenemy work for them? Twice they’ve said they tried to deliver and said no one was home, an outright lie on both occasions as I work from home. Another time I ended up going to pick up the item from them to save further hassles.

Today I was waiting for my new Android tablet to be delivered (no mum, it’s a small computer, I’m fine). In their online tracking system it showed as at the depot last night and then again this morning. By 1.30 I knew it wasn’t coming today so I called them at 1.45. It was a bit of a mystery to the person on the phone, she got my details and said she’d forward the query as to what was happening to their investigation team, who would call me back.

Hands up who isn’t surprised that I had to call them back at 3.50. I got put through to the investigation department who only then called the depot. I was on hold for a while to be told that they weren’t sure where it was. I said “so, it’s lost?” to which I got the classic reply “it’s not lost, it’s just not where it’s supposed to be.”. In short it’s at the depot somewhere. Just not on the dock, not in the delivery van and very much not in my hands where it belongs.

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