My Tweets For The Week

  • MSNBC Just announced Osama Bin Laden is dead. #
  • finished Knots And Crosses by Ian Rankin @beathhigh so book 1 down. #Kindle #
  • Just bought @Beathhigh 's 2nd Rebus novel – Hide and Seek – for the Kindle. #
  • Surprising how little charge your laptop gets when you plug the power cord in to the phone socket for the day. #
  • We've just had Vietnamese and now Bert and I are off to see Walking With Dinosaurs. #
  • Walking With Dinosaurs was spectacular. Fantastic night out with my big boy. #
  • Mrs @jentopia you officially rock! Thanks so much for the t-shirt, it's fantastic! #
  • Called 'love' and 'sweetie' in the same sentence and I think she was younger then me. All I needed for the trifecta was 'darl'. #
  • One minutes and 32 seconds. That's how long it took from searching for a book to having it ready to read on my @AmazonKindle. Not bad. #
  • How novel, listening to the @BBCChrisHawkins breakfast show at breakfast time. @ClaireSlevin #
  • Bert is going insane because I won't tell and he can't guess who is coming to dinner tonight. #
  • Go the mighty Tigers, now, who are we defeating next week? (*ducks wife*) #
  • Happy Mothers Day to my mum and mum's every where. #
  • Sore big toes and sore wrist #oddachesandpains #
  • Watching Channel 7 news, like @danielbowen's new look. #
  • After the killer ending to last week's Who this week's pirate one was a bit of mess and overall rather 'meh'. #doctorwho #

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