Today we retired the oldest pc in the house. It is so old it actually has a floppy drive and the usb ports were added via a card. Over the years it had memory upgrades from 512MB to 2GB, I think it was on it’s third hard drive and had seen XP, Vista and Windows 7 but there comes a time in every PCs life where its time is up and after 10 years faithful service today was the day.

When I bought the machine it was around $1200 and was cutting edge, complete with a 15″ crt monitor. The replacement I picked up today cost me $284.50. Sure, it’s far from the edge but it is more than adequate for the kids and the power in comparison to the old one is staggering.

It is all set up now, ready to go. I’ve given Bert and Phee their own log-ins and put a link to Angry Birds on their desktops. I wonder if this one will last for 10 years? I assume by then the kids will all have a laptop or tablet and be laughing at just how primitive their old man’s old tech is.

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