Daniel has gazumped once before (can’t remember what it was) so when I saw his post last week on I’m Not A Drinker I couldn’t believe he’d done it again. I’ve been meaning to write for ages on the same topic because over the past year I’ve all but given up drinking.

It started last February when on a whim i decided to do Feb Fast. I’d never been a real drinker, a couple of drinks,  maybe a few on a Friday or Saturday night every now and then or joining Rae with a glass of something over dinner. This meant Feb Fast wasn’t too much of a stretch, although I did ‘break’ it to have one beer when we were out one day.

The end of February came and I was allowed to drink again, so I did,  but it didn’t seem the same. I realised that all up, I really wasn’t enjoying what I was drinking. I found that wine, especially white, just smelled too strong. I also found that some times after having one beer I’d get grumpy and easily irritated and that I hadn’t enjoyed or liked the taste. This, of course, made me pause and wonder why I was spending so much on something I wasn’t getting any pleasure from. So I stopped.

I’m in now way an anti-drinker, it’s just that for me, now, it’s not something I want to do. One exception is champagne, I still enjoy that but that’s a once every couple of months drink. There are plus sides; we’re saving a bit of money on the beers I would buy and Rae now has a designated driver. I’m sure it’s probably better for my health too. Downside is I really need to find something else to order apart from a lemon, lime and bitters when we go out.

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