My Tweets For The Week

  • Need to find the reset button for the kids and cat's internal clocks. Today will not be good. #
  • Relaxing evening. Calm kids, music instead of the telly and a great book on the Kindle. Need more nights like it. #
  • Parent teacher night for Phee. Feel so old. Was tempted to ask one teacher if he had started shaving yet. #
  • Oh my. Zita now has unlimited SMS as part of her plan…stand by every body. #
  • You can waste a lot of time following DAAS clips around YouTube #
  • "Hey Albert's dad!" Made me smile. #
  • Really enjoying the repeats of Spicks And Specks on ABC 2. #
  • No! Visual aura please stop growing, this is. not. a, good. time. #
  • One term down, 51 to go. #
  • Supposed to be going to the game tonight but keeping an eye on the weather. At the moment it looks 50/50. #
  • Any one know where I can get handwriting sheets for a Prep in Victoria? Bert has already filled his out before I could copy them. #
  • Following up on outstanding invoices – least favourite part of running my business. #

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