Age Gone By

I’ve written about how bad The Age is when it comes to subscriptions before so it’s no great surprise that today is the last day of our home delivery and we haven’t heard anything at all about renewal. No special offer as a loyal subscriber, not even a ‘hey, did you forget to renew?’.

Times have changed a little since that post. Bert is now at school and leisurely breakfasts with coffee and paper are a thing of the past. At most I’d get 15 minutes to rush through the paper in the morning and even that is interrupted with calls to help find lost socks, make sandwiches or finding clothes to wear. Then when we get back from dropping Bert off it’s pretty much straight in to work for me, so things will change.

We’re going to keep the weekend subscription (life just wouldn’t be the same without The Age on a weekend morning) and we’re going to take advantage of their secondary student offer. Phee will now bring the paper home from school each day (well, we can dream, but after a while we hope  she’ll remember). We will still get the Green Guide, Epicure and the sports section to read, just later in the day. Of course by then the main news section will go straight to the recycling bin – the paper can’t compete with the net when it comes to fresh news. It’s only during term time too, but $15 for the whole year isn’t too bad.

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  1. That is a great deal.

    I’m on a four-day (Thu-Sun) subscription. The added benefit is I get access to the full digital edition, which I find quite handy for browsing on days I don’t have the paper, eg at work at lunch while munching on a sandwich.

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