Take Note–This Is What (And Who) I Love

FieldNotes-TheKitFor someone with such abysmal handwriting it may seem odd but I love stationeary. I’m sure it goes back to the fact that dad had a stationary shop and to this day nothing makes me happier than walking in to a little office supplies shop and being hit by that wonderful smell of paper and pens. When you add computer stuff you can see why Officeworks is my idea of heaven on earth.

Today a couple of parcels arrived. The kids collected them and deposited on Rae’s desk so I didn’t see them until she got home. One of those parcels was a wonderful present for me; Rae had bought me The Kit from Field Notes Oh my, such wonderful note books and pencils. They look so good it’s going to be agony to open them. Of course Rae knows this and I received very firm instructions that they are to be opened and used or no more presents ever.

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  1. You should learn to spell the name of something you love. It is STATIONERY. This piece of pedantry is completely unnecessary and I admit it freely.

  2. How wonderful. I love a crisp unused tablet and a sharp pencil. I also love filling in the blank spaces between the lines. I only wish my handwriting was better.

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