My Tweets For The Week

  • Monday morning kick start. #
  • Kick start didn't work so on to Plan B #
  • For @richard_annable #
  • Ugh. For some reason my eyes feel like they have been crying for days on end. #
  • Just realised that 9 months later my arm has finally healed. I can straighten it now with no pain at all. Woo Hoo. #
  • Thanks for fixing the issue with streams from the BBC @Kogan. Great to have music back again. #
  • Woo Hoo, new @Kogan kids television that we got cheap thanks to LivePrice has been dispatched. Will be a good surprise for them tomorrow #
  • Stuff it, party pies for lunch today. #
  • Any one think that Toll may actually deliver today? #
  • Okay, status says 'On for delivery'. Let's see if they do their job today. #
  • Truck backing up! #
  • Woo Hoo! They actually delivered! #
  • Moo "Come on, time's ticking Daddy". #
  • Everyone up at 6. It's going to be a long day. #
  • Don't forget your footy tips! #
  • Serious rain out there. #
  • School bell now 5 minutes late. What's going on? #
  • No one will believe this but I just fixed something in the house! It even involved using a screw driver. #oopsihandymanned #
  • Reasons I Love My Wife #42245 She already wants a new Android phone with more processing power. #
  • OMG! Line 41 – It's a real live marquee tag! Complete with added Comic Sans font attribute goodness. #
  • Bert and I had haircut, brought breakfast home, had coffee and read the paper. Pretty good start to the weekend. #
  • Can smell fire outside, sort of like burning leaves. #
  • Dr Moo is in. #
  • Bert is now picking actor voices in animated films. Like mother like son. #
  • Football widower again. Two eldest (one resplendent in his Tiger gear) going too so its me and the twins off in search of good Vietnamese. #

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