My Tweets For The Week

  • Codril Night and Day can only do so much. I admit defeat. #
  • Is wondering why there is a pair of ladies underpants and a pile of polished rocks on my office chair. #movedtothetwilightzone #
  • Always forget to set up IIS when I rebuild my PC. #
  • Oh. No. I just made a major mistake that cost a client 3 hours work. Have apologised and am re-doing the work for them. Worse thing – #
  • it happened because I didn't follow my own procedures that would have ensured it didn't happen. #
  • Just found out Bert's show and tell item today was the fake tattoo we put on the weekend. Oh boy. #
  • The tatt. #
  • Oh boy. Thank Yoda they are going to Nanas this morning. #
  • Guy outside school taking photos of people double parking to drop off their kids. Nasty surprises coming in the mail. #
  • Phew. It's good to have a cat to blame every now and then… #
  • Parking signs, still under wraps, up opposite the school now. #
  • The eternal question. Ice cream and topping or banana fritter? #eatingoutinwerribee #
  • Saturday morning. Time to do the weekly torrent downloads and get some work done. #
  • The guys at Brimbank Central @Optus shop need some basic customer training – they were shocking while were there. I ended up helping a guy. #
  • Bought a second Android phone just to make Steve Jobs (and Zoltan) cry. #
  • Wonder if Rae is sleeping in or playing with her new phone in peace. #
  • To market, to market to eat fattening calzones… #
  • I love it when the boys work together. #
  • What did I have to remember to do tomorrow? I remember it was important, but that's all. #
  • Rae found Ninjump for Android. I may never do any work again. #

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