My Tweets For The Week

  • Didn't realise Being Human S3 was under way. #
  • Poor Bert. His best pal James wasn't there this morning. Spent all his time before lining up scanning the yard. Big test for my little man. #
  • Watching Moo ride up and down the footpath under the ever watchful of Rita. Wish I was out there. #
  • Just been asked "what does gay mean?". Still have 'go ask your mother' in reserve for "where do babies come from?" 🙂 #
  • Kindle just updated itself. Cool. #
  • Absolute 80s on the Android Thanks Mark. #
  • Derrimut is the new Hollywood. Looks like they're shooting in St Andrews Field, just across from the shops. #
  • Just canceled order and walked out of Deer Park Hotel. Absolute shocker, never done that before. Lesson : don't lie to or argue with custmrs #
  • Disappointing Nandos, chicken covered barely half the bun. Not a good night for eating out. #
  • Sent two emails tonight r.e not so good experiences eating out. Will be interested to see if we get any response. #
  • And to think we are paying these fools in the hill. #
  • Happy anniversary my love. xo #
  • Just heard that terrible screach and thud of a car crash. Hope everyone is okay. #
  • Hate this colder weather, it means I'm back to washing hundreds of socks each week. #
  • George Michael is covering True Faith. Shoot me now before I accidentally hear it. Please. #
  • So full, so sleepy. #
  • 2 days of nice weather in a row, summer must be coming. #
  • A French baby just slobberd on my nose. #onlyinaltona #
  • Late summer #
  • Late summer (@ Altona Pier) #
  • Uncle Rob and Henry (@ Altona Pier) #
  • Fish and chips by the beach. (@ Altona Pier) #

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