My Tweets For The Week

  • Great to see as we walked in this morning Bert's new friend come belting across the yard yelling at the top of his voice "Hey buddy!!!!". #
  • Nice, a three year MSDN sub. That should get me through to the next version of Windows. #
  • ooooooooooh, Baraka is on at The Astor tonight… #
  • For sale. Two naughty twins, aged 3 1/2. Job lot, lowest bidder. #
  • Went to watch Media Watch online this morning and I'm geo-blocked. @abcaustralia #notmyabc #
  • At last, my Kindle now has a nice leather home. #
  • Well done Google : #
  • Frustrating that I can buy the physical book but the Kindle version isn't available to Aus. Grrrr. #
  • Woo Hoo. Real page numbers on to the Kindle. #
  • Hate early morning flights. #
  • Hello Sydney, nice to see you again. #
  • Charging phone off laptop battery. Had to use the phone as a modem for two hours today so it's not done too badly. Need to find power. #
  • Enjoying the free wifi at Sydney airport, thanks @Optus #
  • Home again, now let us off the plane! #
  • Pancake catastrophe – no eggs in the house this morning. Dissapointed children. #
  • Pizza for dinner, what are you having? #
  • Chinatown – what a movie. #
  • Pancakes, coffee, The Age and some classic @billybragg. Now that's how to start a weekend. #
  • Even though I'm working today I'm enjoying having every window open in the house. Must type faster and get out to enjoy our summer day. #
  • Today I bought myelf a hand beater and a big pyrex mixing bowl. #livinthelife #
  • The cat is growling at me because it is raining. I think she overestimates my roll in her day. #
  • No donut van @sthmelbmarket today. What's going on? #
  • Is it really as bad as I think it is to have a whole bag of cashews for lunch? #
  • So very happy. New Lego set for Bert was too complex so I have just spent one whole hour building Lego for him. #

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