Tiger Kids

We have two kids each, two Tiger cubs and two Doggie pups. My kids are Bert and Moo, both of whom were made Tiger members the day after their birth. I know, I know, but I was a bit busy on the actual days of birth. Bert may be a lost cause, he has no real interest and whomever is offering the best lollies on the day is pretty much who he will follow, a fact well know and exploited by a certain grand mother who shall remain nameless but she starts with ‘Z’ and ends in ‘ita’.

Moo, though, is my Tiger girl through and through.

On Monday a parcel arrived from Aunty Helly.It was a Tiger jumper that Tom had gown out of. Moo actually squealed with delight and her face lit up. The jumper is still draped across the foot of her bed, not allowed to be put away. It’s sitting next to her members scarf and Tiger footy.

Today the Herald Sun had a pin up of the team so I bought a copy for her. When I showed her she beamed and said “now I have 5 Tiger pictures on my wall!”. I went and checked, sure enough she had four Tiger things up on her wall and this was the fifth.

That’s my gal.

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  1. Why oh why do parents set their children up to be losers? A kind father would have chosen a decent football team for their child to follow.

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