Dry Heat

Two heat and dollar related issues today.

Just wondering if we are the only family in the world who don’t have a clothes dryer. It’s a conscious  decision on our behalf, they just suck money out of your wallet and as good as we think we would be we know we’d probably end up using it every day; not to mention a certain teenager who would probably hand wash one pair of socks and then put them in the dryer for two hours before walking away,

Out frugality came back to bite us on the bum this morning though. Mr Albert, generally Mr Reliable, has gone and lost two of his school jumpers and the one remaining is sopping wet on the line. Of course I only discover this at 8.00am. He’s gone off today out of uniform. I’ll go through the lost property boxes this afternoon and hopefully one will turn up,

The other heat related issue is heating. I’m home alone now during most days, just me in the office and it’s getting bloody cold. I don’t want to turn on the central heating just for me and no matter how many jumpers I put on my fingers and feet are freezing. Any advice on the best (ie most cost efficient) method of heating a smallish office? When I defrost this evening I’ll check the comments.