My Tweets For The Week

  • The Sports "Don't Throw Stones" on @abcdigmusic . Reminds me of my sister Judy who bought me the album for a birthday present. #
  • Adam Goodes out for six weeks with a left quad injury. The amazing thing about this story is that I now know what and where a left quad is. #
  • Hey @Richmond_FC the site is down. #
  • I just pledged on Ben Folds Five (@BenFolds): Brand New Album! @PledgeMusic #rock #benfoldsfive #doitanyway #PMUpdates #
  • Had this cold for almost two weeks now and it just won't shift. Driving me mad. #
  • Thumbs up to Henley, so far so good. Inspector came today and is organising repairs to dodgy install in ensuite. #
  • This is where I lived when I first moved to Melbourne almost 25 years ago. #
  • My son is a dork, and my house is a mess. #
  • Classic. Tradie just left. "If supervisor calls can you tell him I left about 2.30, 3?" #
  • Club Penguin requires intense concentration. #
  • Arms feel like jelly after that workout. #
  • It's exactly the sort of day I imagine Ray Badbury describes at the start of Something Wicked This Way comes. #
  • I'm keeping an eye out for sellers of lighting rods. #
  • Walked half way across Richmond from the car to to my seat and not out of breath. That's a first. #
  • Love driving home with the scarf out the window. #gotiges #
  • Happy mother and mother – in-law day. #
  • Listening to Rae and ZIta scream at the footy on the telly I'm transported back 30 years. On mother's day it's rather appropriate. #

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