Working It Out

If you have the misfortune of following my Facebook feed you’re probably getting sick of my check-ins to Derrimut Jetts. I’m using Facebook to track my visits and I’ve been aiming to go every day.

Yesterday was a bit of a breakthrough day. Despite the effects of this cold I’ve had for over two weeks I completed my program and felt fantastic afterwards. I also completed all my pushups without failing and didn’t collapse when I hit my  target on the rowing machine.

Then when I hit home I checked my weight. I’ve snuck below 92kg so I’m aiming to break 90 by my birthday.  What started out as just a desire to get a bit more fit seems to have blossomed in to a full on lifestyle change. It’s become so bad I dreamed about better techniques for push ups last night. I’ve improved my diet, stopped kidding myself that ‘just a bit more’ won’t matter, cut out a whole heap of junk and am pushing myself to do better.

So what’s made the difference? The first is having a trainer. I can’t overstate how much of a help Adam has been. He pushes me just enough and doesn’t take no for an answer. He’s got in to my head too, I can hear him saying ‘Posture Anthony!’ Every time I slouch at my desk.

I’ve also stopped kidding myself. No one else is going to make me better, if I want to improve myself it’s up to me. Eating junk will make me feel blah, doing no exercise is bad for me. It’s simple and obvious but tough to admit after you have been deluding yourself most of your life.

There have been a few inspirational women along the way too. Ren, with her amazing transformation,  opened my eyes to what you can achieve when you put your mind to it and Kim from Met Fitness,  what she said made sense and changed the way I thought.

And finally there is my amazing wife who hail, rain or shine drags herself out of bed every morning at 5.00am to go to the gym. She is doing so well and is so committed to what she wants to achieve you can’t but help be inspired and want to work as hard as she does.

Now if only I could turn this new found motivation towards lawn mowing..,.

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