A Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Miss Jen Jen raises a very important, yet taboo, subject. The love between a caffeine addict and their supplier/pimp/pusher.

I tell our own tragic story of addiction and broken loyalties in a comment on her entry. I only hope Leo doesn’t read her blog.

Pepper Tree Cafe

Ah ha! The whole reason for this blog gets its second entry.

Friday afternoon on a day off is a perfect time to take a book (that is disappointing me, so much so I’m only a hundred or so pages in) and try a new caf?.

Coffee : Latte
Area : 5/5
Caf? Atmosphere : 3/5
Staff : 4/5
Coffee : 4/5
Total 16/20

Take a left out of the Newport rail station, another left at the end of the subway and at the top of the ramp (if you make it) you’ll find a groovy little place – The Peppercorn Caf?. You can sit inside at the bench (that, and this is a major plus, is deep enough to read The Age on) and watch the passing parade of trains and people or you can sit outside on the mandatorily mis-matching retro chairs.

I was reading and didn’t feel like any food so I ordered my latte and chose the red chair outside. The coffee was good, surprisingly so. Good strong body, milk at the perfect temperature and a great chocolate taste. If I wasn’t off shopping I would have had another – and that’s as high a praise as I can give.

I think this is a new place – he had no business cards when I asked – so we’ll need to keep track to ensure standards don’t slip. But with coffee this good and being so close to home that won’t be a chore at all.

My First Non-Coffee Review

Hobsons Choice, Nelson Place, Williamstown
Coffee : Latte
Area : 5/5
Caf? Atmosphere : 2.5/5
Staff : 1/5
Coffee : 0/5
Total 8.5/20

I love coffee, I truly do. It was actually one of the reasons I wanted to start blogging so I could keep track of where good coffee was and let everyone, well, both of you, know about it. Funny thing is it is the last section to get an entry.

So it was with great excitement Rae, Phee and I went down to Williamstown Sunday afternoon to get a coffee. The guests from hell (see previous post) had gone, Rae had a terrible shock shopping (see Rae’s Blog 1/7/2001) and we were looking to relax. We strolled along Nelson Place so Phee could spend her pocket money on a bag of lollie pops and then decided to go to Hobsons Choice for a latte.

Start counting slowly now. When you get to 900 (15 minutes) you can stop. This is the time it took us to get fed up with our non-coffee and leave. On a quiet afternoon with only five coffees in front of you a 15 minute wait was the straw that truly broke the back of a shocking weekend.
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