Pepper Tree Cafe

Ah ha! The whole reason for this blog gets its second entry.

Friday afternoon on a day off is a perfect time to take a book (that is disappointing me, so much so I’m only a hundred or so pages in) and try a new caf?.

Coffee : Latte
Area : 5/5
Caf? Atmosphere : 3/5
Staff : 4/5
Coffee : 4/5
Total 16/20

Take a left out of the Newport rail station, another left at the end of the subway and at the top of the ramp (if you make it) you’ll find a groovy little place – The Peppercorn Caf?. You can sit inside at the bench (that, and this is a major plus, is deep enough to read The Age on) and watch the passing parade of trains and people or you can sit outside on the mandatorily mis-matching retro chairs.

I was reading and didn’t feel like any food so I ordered my latte and chose the red chair outside. The coffee was good, surprisingly so. Good strong body, milk at the perfect temperature and a great chocolate taste. If I wasn’t off shopping I would have had another – and that’s as high a praise as I can give.

I think this is a new place – he had no business cards when I asked – so we’ll need to keep track to ensure standards don’t slip. But with coffee this good and being so close to home that won’t be a chore at all.

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