My Tweets For The Week

  • I seem to have brought an extra child home from school today, oddly enough though it's a lot quieter than normal. #
  • Sick of your little games winter, just accept we're over and leave me alone. #
  • Need some aluminium dross material or zircon sand? Then call my latest site #
  • They are loading a trailer and cars at the ferrals. #
  • Street is full of trailers and four wheel drives lining up at the ferrals. Wondering if they are doing a midnight flit. #manysherrifvisits #
  • Rae tells me the ferrals were still going at 2.20am. All quiet there this morning. #
  • Found out some news today that makes it look like The Ferrals had no option bit to leave their house. Even though they made life hell a few #
  • times I feel sad for them. #
  • Woo hoo, all inspected now so we're finally feeding power back in to the grid. #
  • Sheriff's and locksmiths at The Ferrals. #
  • Ask me another question and then talk over my answer again, go on… #
  • Couple having dinner next to us. 3 hours later we pull in to get petrol. They are filling up in the car next to us. Freaky. #

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