My Tweets For The Week

  • Weird to see the fog getting thicker as the morning rolls on. #
  • Nice call back option from Origin means I don't have to sit here for an hour on hold. #
  • Argh. Either installer didn't send in or Origin didn't request essential forms. Six months of generating electricity for no return. #
  • .@JackRiewoldt08 and @BobMurphy02 it's footy day at kinder. #
  • Endorphin's + caffeine. It's going to be a great morning. #
  • Ugh. Bert has shared his doozy of a cold with us. Just what I need after a shocker of a night's sleep. #
  • 'CUETY', there is no excuse to drive like an idiot in a child care center car park. #roadmoron #misleadinglicenseplate #
  • My head is spinning at the awesomeness of this Lego creation via @youtube #
  • I promise myself that next time I go to MSY I will purchase only what I went for. #newkeyboardandmouse #
  • Much better. Wireless comfort desktop mouse feels like a proper mouse. Comfort keyboard a good replacement for the natural @msfthardware #
  • Hawthorn winning makes it easy. Go the Swans! #
  • Why so serious Bert? #
  • Half an hour in and this Maccas birthday party is going off, with no birthday girl in sight. #
  • New mouse is fantastic. No longer fighting one of the few bits of equipment I need to get my job done. #
  • Loving the new season of Who. Power of Three chock full of classic Who references. #

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