Today is a great day, a day of achievements. This morning I jogged for 20 minutes without a break and I hit my goal of 82kgs.

Just a couple of months ago I was over the moon when I managed to stumble through 2 minutes of jogging before collapsing in a heap. I remember being thrilled at being able to walk for 30 minutes on the treadmill before collapsing in a heap. Now I can jog for 20 minutes, walk for 5 minutes either side of this and feel like I can do some more.

As for the weight, well. When I had my little incident at the start of the year and I was asked in the hospital how much I weighed I probably muttered 97kg, which probably was being generous by a probably a couple of kilograms. I’m now floating around the upper 82s. When I set this as my goal I secretly thought I’d be happy to make it to 90kg. Now I’m here I have new things to learn – how to stay around this mark while continuing to exercise.

Inspiration to keep this up comes from weird places. The other day I popped in to Coles to grab some groceries. I was using the self checkout facilities when one of the check out chicks who knows me and the kids came up to me and said ‘wow, you’ve lost soooooooooo much weight’. I figure if your local cashier notices then you must be doing something right.

I’ve also made changes to my daily routine. My business is going gang busters at the moment and it’s made me realise I need every second of the working day to put towards it, at least for the next few months. So I’m taking a leaf out of my amazing wife’s book and setting the alarm. No, not for the crazy 5.00am time she gets up every week day, mine is for the much more civilised time of 5.50am so I can be ready to jump in the car when she gets home at 6 and head off. It’s worked so far this week, and worked again today when I had a sleep in until 7. I’m determined to make this part of my long term changes too. Better for me, better for my business.

I still have a way to go with my jogging – I’m only up to week 6 of the 9 week C25K program that is designed to get you from the couch to running 5 kilometres in a graduated program. After this morning though I reckon I can do it.

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  1. Do you need any filing done? *hopeful*

    But seriously, WELL DONE, Tony. I am so stoked for you and your success with the fitness thing.

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