My Tweets For The Week

  • Massive spikes in Hard Faults/sec causing audio distortion – any idea on what could be causing this? Faulty RAM? #
  • I just had a client ask me to tell me what domain names are available. #
  • If you want a laugh Google 'Richard Simmons whose line is it anyway jet ski' #
  • One boy on the couch, the other boy coughing up a lung. Not good for what looks like a great day ahead. #
  • Nothing like a warm breeze and a hint of Spring to lift the mood. #
  • Second cup of coffee today. It must be the weather, it's made me all giddy. #
  • WHAT! No, it can't be 2.00pm already. Rewind the clock please. #
  • Numeracy and Literacy night at school tonight. Just me and Bert. 'twas a lot of fun. #
  • Just upgraded to 16GB of RAM. Go on Dreamweaver, I dare you to stutter now. #
  • By the looks this massive storm will hit just as the school bell goes. #
  • Here it comes #
  • All sunshine and lollypops after 15 minutes of rain. #whatstorm #
  • Poor Moo has a very upset tummy. Wondering is she has an intolerance as this happens every now and then. #
  • Beginning to think that mowing the lawns and getting washing on the line may be the only constructive things I achieve today. #
  • Poor Moo #
  • Oh boy, looks like Bert is now out for the count. Poor boy. #
  • Mr Ralph Taranto, Melbourne should hold a parade in your honour. @astor_theatre #savetheastor #
  • Go Tigers! #
  • After a look next door and some fantastic observations from Rae we're now 99.99% it was being used as a grow house. #
  • 4 packets of OddFellow Peppermints but no milk. Not sure if that's a shopping win or fail. #
  • Finished week 2 of C25K today. Week three looks nasty with longer jogs. #
  • Just watched Saturday Night Fever. Not the style of film I was expecting it too be. #
  • Richmond defeat Essendon. Carlton go down to Gold Coast and Collingwood thumped. Best. Weekend. Evah. #
  • This bug is winning. Slept most of the day away and already fading fast again. #

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