For years now I’ve had Weetbix for breakfast. It’s been so long I can’t remember what I ate before that. Maybe it was toast. Hmm, maybe Corn Flakes. Any way. On a recent trip to Sydney I went all out for breakfast in my room and part of that was ordering some muesli.

Now those who know me will know what a big deal that is (truly!). Eating breakfast that contains fruit is almost inconceivable. But eat it I did. Then a couple of weeks later in hospital I ordered muesli again. And I liked it. And I then I bought some to have at home. And then I tried a different brand to see what other muesli was like and now I’m trying another.

The odd thing is that the day after I started eating it at home an email dropped in to my business inbox. It was a lovely mail from someone who had been recommended by an existing client. She, obviously, was after a web site for her business and that business is selling organic muesli.

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  1. Thing move in mysterious ways. Did you see The Age article this week on the bloke. Quite an interesting story.

    Like you, I had fairly simple and predictable breakfast habits until about a year ago when I tried natural muesli with fruit. I added some tinned peaches, and that became breakfast, pretty much daily, for the next year or so. Then I came across this – – and not being a porridge person at all, I thought I’d give it a crack. I’ve had my old muesli fare once since then.

    I then to make up two or three at a time and they are great to eat on the train or once at work. The banana and maple syrup one is my favourite. I’ve played around with some other combinations as well. I’ve even made my own! The upshot is that it is low GI and tastes great, plus it’s simple to mix up 🙂

    I hope you enjoy your muesli and that the website job comes to something.

    Have a great weekend

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