My Tweets For The Week

  • Watching Bella decide the best place for a nap in the sun. The spot with easy access to scratching branch wins. #
  • Really impressed with Cafe Lagenda in Deer Park, great to have a cool restaurant close by. #
  • Quick look at the new @theage app for android tablets. Very impressive. A newspaper-less future looks more and more likely. #
  • Nicer working from the kitchen table when all the kids are home. They're being nice and quiet so I can get stuff done. #
  • Slowly catching up on Amazing Race Australia, loving it. #
  • Lost day today, feel as though I have achieved the sum total of nothing. #
  • Gas bill came. Amount used a lot more than this time last year. Has this winter really been 25% colder? #
  • Just saw a heading in a mag 'Red Meat Increases The Risk of Dying'. Thought we all had the same risk of dying. #
  • Such a winter day – it's like night time here. #
  • Rae out for the evening. Kids have requested Dad's hamburgers. #
  • Absolutely gutted. #
  • Just finished watching Kumare – what an amazing documentary. #
  • Worth being up early just to see the moon, Venus and Jupiter all lined up in a row. #
  • Need to head off to gym to work off that breakfast, but there are papers still to be read. #

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