The Gall Is Gone


I had my gall bladder removed on Monday. Have to say the experience at John Falkner was a lot better than my emergency visit to Western Health this year, even if John Falkner seems incredibly cramped – like they are trying to squish a 21st century hospital in to an early 20th century building and just doesn’t quite fit.

Funny thing is this isn’t the first bit of my body I’ve removed at John Falkner. When I as 8(ish) I came down to Melbourne to what was then a Catholic hospital to have my tonsils out – I remember the building vividly and that I was in the same wing, although not too sure about the floor.

This time though my procedure was key hole and I was in for just one night. I’m still pretty sore (no pain as such, just bruising and discomfort where they poked and prodded me during the op) and I’m hoping that will go away over the next day or so.

The hardest thing is going to be remaining inactive though. I’m not meant to do any strenuous exercise for at least two weeks (no gym!). I’m already finding it hard not to lift stuff around the house or to just lie down and rest. In one way it’s good I’ll be able to resume my work quicker than if I was a manual worker but in another way it’s not so good ‘cause it’s very easy to sit at the PC and ‘just check my email’. I’ve done a little work today, probably more than I should have, so tomorrow I’m promising myself (and Rae) that I’ll stay lying down. I’ve started Homeland, so let’s see how far I can get in to that.

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  1. I was up and moving around ok after about a week. The bruising will settle down in that time too. I found the most uncomfortable thing was the pulling on the stitches as I healed but that was probably due to me being roly-poly. You don’t have that problem. 🙂

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