My Tweets For The Week

  • Wondering for how much longer I'll have the morning paper delivered. #
  • With @raezm away it's dad's home made hamburgers for dinner, and the win. #
  • Bella has decided that because Rae isn't home she will occupy all of the bed. Impressive trick for such a small cat. #
  • finished The Playground (Kindle Single) by Ray Bradbury #Kindle #
  • Stupid Microsoft, can't you tell that when I type UDPATE I want you to update a record. And yes, it's Microsoft that's the stupid one. #
  • Just felt what I think may have been an earth tremor. Lasted about ten seconds. #
  • Wow – looks like it was right across Melbourne. #
  • Gone as far as Shepparton too #
  • Hmmmm, wondering if that's why Bella has been going crazy tonight. #
  • GeoScience Aus says 5.5, USGS says 5.2 – above parity in earthquakes as well as the dollar. #
  • My Facebook account is temporarily unavailable. My first report of quake damage. #
  • Should be contemplating dinner and pjs. Instead it's time for shorts, tshirt and the gym. #
  • Last night I dreamt I was in Canada watching Ivan Maric do an Auskick clinic. The Mullet knows no boundaries. @Richmond_FC #
  • This weather sorely testing my resolve not to have a clothes dryer. #anybodygotatwodollarcoin #
  • Only those who come from Shepp and surrounds will realise just how cool this is #
  • Looking for a client who will pay me to stay in bed reading Stonemouth. #
  • Ballad of Lucy Jordan followed by Novacaine For The Soul. May the gods bless @BBCChrisHawkins #
  • Now screening at Cinema Malloy, Serpico #
  • Wondering if there's any chance the demon children will sleep in tomorrow morning. #
  • Just me and Henry on the couch watching Star Wars. #

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