Tonight Rae and I were able to have an evening out thanks to Zita sitting the kids. We headed off to Carlton as Rae had scored free tickets to ‘Cabin In The Woods’.

There were a few lessons from the movie.

1. Joss Whedon is very, very clever. The movie was fantastic – funny, witty and scary all in equal measure. It was a great self knowing horror film and I absolutely loved it.

2. Some people should not be allowed to go to the movies. If you are old enough to attend this film you are old enough to know to turn off your freaking phone. For most of the movie one patron a few rows down to the right had her phone on and in a darkened cinema its white screen was doing a fair impersonation of a lighthouse. When I rule the world the world these people will be placed in stocks and told the endings to movies such The Sixth Sense and The Crying Game before they get to see them.

3. The Nova. I haven’t been there in almost ten years and it was looking a little tatty back then. Things haven’t changed and you get the feeling that it could do with a little TLC.

Even though the movie was fantastic the best part was just getting to spend the evening with my beautiful wife. Having dinner, going for a walk, just spending time together. A great way to finish off the weekend.


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