My Tweets For The Week

  • Wondering how I can configure my desk to move to three monitors. #
  • Come on @Microsoft – why not release the full version of SQL Server Management Studio as a standalone download. #
  • Giving the PCs a dust while SQL Server 2012 downloads. #
  • Nana nap or a bit of the treadmill at the gym? Decisions decisions… #
  • Any winter's afternoon you can comfortably spend sitting in the sun outside, reading your book has to get a 10/10. #
  • Making a version of filipino chicken for the first time. Talons crossed. #
  • Incredible outside – we can barely see across the street due to the thick fog. #
  • Hmmmm, if this fog hangs around tomorrow morning it will play havoc with the meeting I'm supposed to attend at the airport. #
  • So impressed by Rae. 5.00am, below zero and she still gets out of bed to go to the gym. Amazing. #
  • All day in a Qantas meeting room at the airport. Got a lot done but now home to work. #
  • After reading The Age over the past few days I'm wondering how many Age articles The Guardian publishes… #
  • It seems my Facebook news feed hasn't updated in a few hours. #
  • Kid just ran past waving and yelling 'Hi Alberts dad'. #
  • Still waiting for car. Channeling my inner Ted and growing grumpier each second I wait. #
  • Car goes up, car goes down…at this rate it's taken them half an hour per tyre. #
  • 6 times out and about today, time to sit down and watch the Tigers for a little while. #
  • Ugly win, but we'll take the four points thank you very much. #
  • If you say you open at 11, please open at 11. #
  • First serious gym injury this morning. Sock slipped down and there's a sore spot on my heel. #donttellmetohardenupialreadyknow #
  • Crisis – no coffee beans. Time to break out the emergency stash. #
  • My little sister just made me wet my pants with laughter. #
  • Wonder dad strikes, three young ones in bed and quiet by 7. It's been a tiring weekend. #

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