If you look at any of my books from when I was kid it would be odds on that it is in mint condition. I recently picked up a bunch of magazines I bought back in the mid 80s and they look like they’ve just come off the printing press. You could say I like keeping things in the condition in which they came.

Which is just another reason I married the right woman ‘cause Rae is all about the change.

We moved in to our home three and a half years ago now and the inside is still pretty much as it was then, save for a couple of extra power points. I guess 20 or so years of renting has conditioned me to not making any changes, which given my nature is fine by me. Lately Rae has been making noises about some renovating and this weekend she’s started.

What was once a blank wall is now a feature wall. Carefully matched to extend the colour of our kitchen tiles the kids lounge room (itself undergoing some changes) now has a feature wall, beautifully pained in ‘coffee break’. She’s not going to stop there though, oh no. My office and the boys’ room are next on her hit list. Indeed, I’m being kicked out on weekend soon so the office can get its make over.

She’s done an amazing job, the wall looks fantastic. I guess there’ll be many more changes over the years to come so I’d better get use to it. I think I’ll go and read one of those 80s mags in the lounge now, before putting it carefully back in its folder.

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