Goal One–Achieved

When I joined the gym a little while ago (oh wow, it was the last week of March, time flies)  I just wanted to get fit. A little scare of having a heart attack that really wasn’t does that to you. After a couple of sessions I decided I needed an aim so I set a couple; initially to get my weight down under 90kg (it was around the 97 mark) and stay there and then to proceed to around 82.

This week I hit my first goal, I’m now at 89kg. I can’t believe that I’ve made it this quickly. I’ve also managed to get my waist measurement under 100cm which I’m lead to believe is a good thing. A couple of weeks ago I bought new jeans and already they are feeling a little loose.

So I’m soldiering on now to hit the low 80s and then to start building up a little muscle. This feeling fit and healthy thing is addictive.

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