My Tweets For The Week

  • Worstetest sleep everer. #
  • Doctors, then gym then work. #
  • Having ultrasound so no breakfast for me this morning. Just sitting here sniffing the coffee beans instead. #
  • Waiting, waiting, waiting….. #
  • Go on guess what this is. #
  • Awake thanks to gallbladder attack. Seeing doc this morning, he had better say let's rip it out. #
  • Off for an initial consultation with a surgeon next week. Looks like my gallbladder is coming out. #
  • Watched 20 minutes of Homeland on One. Riveted, need to stop now and start at the beginning. #
  • You ain't a beauty but, hey, you're all right. #
  • Crisis averted – thought I had run out of index cards but there's hidden at the back of the box. #
  • "The AFL has deemed the traditional Tiger strip now clashes with the Saints…" You have got to be joking AFL. We only clash with Essendon. #
  • Every one else on bed. Too stressful to watch the footy on my own. #
  • "I want to give everything I've got and I expect my teammates to do the same." Why we love The Mullet @Richmond_FC #gotiges #
  • I can't watch, this is so stressful. #gotiges #
  • Please Tigers, please, believe! #gotiges #
  • Tigers, tigers, tigers. What have you done. #
  • I may have just kissed the television @Richmond_FC #
  • YES!!!!!!!!!!! Go you mighty Tigers! #gotiges #
  • A husband and wife who lunge together stay together, although Rae doesn't like me as a trainer. #
  • The View Upon Waking Up #
  • Is it true that if you leave your (very rowdy) kids behind at a Maccas playground Mc Donalds will raise them until they are 18? #hopeful #
  • Time To Learn #
  • Bella curled up on my lap, happy that we are home again. All is well with the world. #

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