My Tweets For The Week

  • At the @astor_theatre , choc top in hand. Bring on the glory that is The Last Stepdaughter in 70mm #
  • Thank you @astor_theatre for The Last Starfighter. Magnificent print, even if it was missing a bit. Wonderful to see it on the big screen. #
  • Please, let the owners of The Astor know we want the Astor be a cinema for many years to come. #ProtectTheAstor #
  • Huge endorphins rush tonight. I can't move but feel amazing. Weeeeehhhhhhh. #
  • Walk out to find Henry building Lego and Bert reading a book. #likefatherlikesons #happydad #
  • The washing machine has been running non-stop since 7.15am. Still two loads to go… #
  • Cursing Rae for going out tonight, doesn't she realise we have The Apprentice UK to watch! #
  • Ray at the movies, kids in bed, dishes done so it's time for some lemon sorbet and junk television #
  • Cat on my lap means I can't return sorbet to freezer. Had better eat it all then. #
  • Ooooops, accidentally dialed the wife while was out to lunch. #
  • Just noticed my invoices from Net Logistics come from Britney Turing-Machine –
    Billing Robotic Clerk, Account Services Division. Cute #
  • Lovin' the 70s inspired 'Mess' on The Unauthorized Biography of Rehnhold Messner'. #
  • Unforeseen consequence of losing weight, wedding ring slipped off twice today. #
  • Just said bye to Mum and Peter who are off to Canada tomorrow. You car is safely tucked up at our place now, say hi to Vancouver for me. #
  • Some Sundays for Sunday morning music while I do my best to avoid the sports section. #
  • That retweet was meant to say looks like @VictoriaPolice have had their twitter account compromised. #
  • An afternoon stroll at the shops, just me and Rae. How novel, and lovely. #
  • Wow, we may have lost the Dreamtime game but suddenly not so upset at the footy. #
  • Mum and Peter over half way to Canada. Sigh, I really should have tried to hide in their luggage. #

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