The First Session

Everything aches, everything…

When I joined the gym they had an offer of 3 sessions with a personal trainer for $60 so, thinking it sounded like a good idea to get started, I said sure.

I went for my first session with Adam. Ladies and gents, never judge a pleasant smiling book by its cover. At the end of the session I was a quivering wreck on the floor. That’s not surprising though as we’re starting from a zero base. I haven’t exercised in, well, must be over 20 years so it’s no surprise my body decided it wanted to shut down almost as soon as we started.

The major issue is that thanks to a quirk of genetics my whole left side is weaker than the right and over 42 years the right has taken over – so much so the muscles in my left leg and arm have all but atrophied. I can’t do any weight work or I’ll injure myself straight away, and no running either for the same reason. The right side of my body tries to take the whole load. I have a pronounced lean and my hips are way out (apparently) so we’re starting from scratch. To quote Oscar Goldman “we can rebuild him”. I have to stretch every day to get things loosened up and I can see many more sessions ahead of me sweating away while Adam smiles at me.

My major concern right now is how on earth I’m going to recover in time to walk from Richmond station to the ‘G tomorrow night for the Tigers game. That and what on earth I’ll do if I drop the soap in the shower in the morning. Now I know why the invented soap-on-rope.

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  1. Hehehe, you sound like me when I’m done with my torture…err… training sessions.

    Proud of ya though!

  2. Lordy, just go out and walk the neighbourhood. Run around with the kids at the park. Ride a bike to the shops. You have walked the path from the station to the Gee many times. Habit will kick in.

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