I’m Scared Of My Computer

I’m scared of my computer.

This evening I was chatting to Rae and came back to work to see my login screen. I thought it was odd that my PC had reset itself but thought it must have been an update, I’d been gone a little while.

This evening I was on a conference call for a client when one of my monitors went black. Oh oh. Then the other went black, then (almost unheard of with Windows 7) I received the Blue Screen of Death and the PC reset itself.

The thing is I’m now scared of my PC. I think it may be sentient. Last week I was concerned with how sluggish and temperamental it had become for no apparent reason so I requested a quote for a new system, just to see. The quote came back but it was more than I wanted to pay so I filed it away in my emails. I now think my PC may be able to read my emails and is upset with me so it has decided to misbehave more. I’m too scared to ask it to save a file, or to open the pod bay doors. I just know it would say “I’m sorry Tony, I can’t do that.”.

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