My Tweets For The Week

  • Oh no! I thought school photos were Wed, but they are today. #
  • Wow. @abcdigmusic are playing 'World (The Price Of Love)' by New Order. Fantastic choice that I haven't heard in years. #
  • It's rather crass having ads for sports betting in front of the video story on the death of Jim Stynes. Poor form @theage #
  • Council are trimming the trees in our street – about time, you can't walk along the footpath. #
  • While we're at it I wonder why we're the only street in our development with this sort of tree. #annoyingfallingleaves #
  • Died Pretty "D.C". @abcdigmusic is worth the price of any DAB+ radio alone. #
  • Just saw The Apprentice UK is back in two days time, can't wait. #yeslordsugar #
  • Back in Werribee for more tests. Maybe I should just move here. #
  • Sitting with no shirt on covered in sticky dots. Ah the dignity. #
  • So * that's * why they call it a stress test. #
  • Jason Akermanis, crawl back under the rock you came from and never come out again. #
  • Odd Facebook looks like it's just lost the last 4 hours or so of updates in my news feed. #
  • Think I may have finally solved my crackling/popping sound issue…fingers crossed. #
  • Over the moon The Apprentice is back. Lesson from episode 1: keep your mouth shut. #yeslordsugar #
  • Guilty pleasure, Transvision Vamp 'Velveteen' #
  • My two boys happily building Lego together on a Saturday morning. You can't ask for much more from life. #

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