My Tweets For The Week

  • One exhausted boy curled up in our bed. A day recuperating and he should be fine for school tomorrow. #
  • Morning coffee not so good this morning so it's time for a very rare lunch time coffee. #
  • Bert watching Doctor Who. Can hear him calling "Donna, don't go in there, Donna!" #likefatherlikeson #
  • Tonight's bedtime battle was fought on two fronts. Oh so exhausting. #
  • Too many new things to learn – my brain hurts. #
  • Most productive day in ages. Broke the back of a monster project, more sorted out and invoicing done. Not bad for a Tuesday. #
  • Thought this track sounded like Risky Business. Tangerine Dream 'Love On A Real Train' has made my day. Thanks @abcdigmusic #
  • Any chance you could tell your kid to stop ripping up that tape and get him to pick up the mess he just made? #thoughtnot #
  • Summer really was in a hurry to get away this year. #
  • And this morning's vomiting child sweepstakes winner is….Kennedy Malloy! Midnight to five thirty. Long day ahead. #
  • Wondering if Rae will fall asleep on the train this morning. #
  • She's one tough chick. Moo at kinder now, and danced her way in. #
  • You know those catering vans that go around to larger business/worksites/factories? Reckon I could get one to drop my place right now? #
  • Today seems to be a 'let's call Tony about our web site' day. #
  • I was just given 'A Bad Idea I'm About to Do: True Tales of Seriously Poor Judgment and Stunningly.. via @amazonkindle #
  • Argh. No Weetbix! Coffee for breakfast until I can get to Coles. #
  • Gone retro, listened to a CD in the car on the way to this appointment. #
  • Spotted two hipsters in Derrimut. Poor things, they must be so lost and scared. Didn't want to startle them though by offering help . #
  • Oh dear. The Bug looks to have claimed poor Rae now. Please Bug, stay away from me, I have too much to get done. #
  • Wow, according to @7NewsMelbourne Derrimut is one of the hottest suburbs in Melbourne for property. #
  • And that would be the bug hitting me. Oh boy I've seen where this goes and I'm not looking forward to it. Not good to have both parents out. #
  • For you own safety I'd just stay completely clear of Derrimut. This is not pleasant. #
  • Ooh good, now Henry. #
  • Rae and I absolutely smashed. Moo and Henry a little bit better. #
  • Ah, the amazing restorative power of water crackers and dry ginger are. Slept all day, 24 later I may be back on the road to being human. #
  • Pre-season? Who cares! Go the Mighty Tigers!! #gotiges #
  • Just when we think we're safe Henry recreates a scene from The Exorcist in the kid's toilet. #willthisneverend #

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