My Tweets For The Week

  • Began moving sites over to the new server, so far so not so painful. #
  • Can't believe it. Chose the 10-2 slot for installation and they turned up bang on 10. #it #039;sachristmasmiracle #
  • I hope Bert's school shoes can hold themselves together for one and a half more days… #
  • Happy Gravy Day one and all. #
  • We're all set to walk to school this morning, step out the door and it's raining. Grrrrr. #
  • For those wondering what Gravy Day is; the best Christams song ever #
  • One plus of Foxtel so far – hockey in HD. Recording today's game to watch when I'm not so busy. Fingers crossed for a Canucks game one day. #
  • Ah, @paul__kelly on BBC 6 Music, my work here is done. #
  • Spent the evening planning server migration from old host to new VPS. #livingthelife #
  • Made my last school lunch for Bert's 1st year at school this year. Can't believe he's finished Prep #
  • Bert home after a celebratory lunch out. Waiting for the first 'what can I do Dad?'. #
  • "I don't want to be a princess when I grow up. I want to be a doctor!" Cop that Disney and go Moo. #
  • There shall be less swearing this Christmas for I have purchased an electric knife. #
  • (and I bought the remastered 1st season of Twin Peaks at the same time) #
  • Bing Crosby, now it's Christmas. #
  • Wondering if I have weather related migraines. Not a nice way to be spending Christmas eve. #
  • The Happy Feat penguins? Carols just jumped the shark. #
  • Just failed the 'can you tie a pony tail' test. #
  • Either Rudolph has put on weight or that was thunder waking me this morning. Merry Christmas one and all. #
  • Wow. Hail and storm. UPS surge protector tripped. #
  • That was a serious storm. #
  • Any suggestions on where I can get a new UPS on boxing day? #
  • Here we hail again. #
  • Tis the season for yelling ads. #
  • Ferals are having a party. Looks like we're sleeping on the sofa tonight. #
  • Classic Law & Order from the 90s, Foxtel looking better by the day. #

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