My Tweets For The Week

  • Listening to Harvey Danger, Little By Little. Still one of my all time favourite albums. #
  • Kindle tells me I'm 15% of the way through The Hanging Garden. That's enough for the evening. #
  • Poor wife on the way home thanks to tooth. Frustrating that today it's quicker for her on train than for me to go in and pick her up. #
  • New mouse for my work PC. For the first in years I'm trying a Logitech instead of Microsoft. #
  • At the school picnic for our sins. #
  • Watched the opening of Hard Boiled again this morning. I'd forgotten how spectacular (and bloody) that restaurant scene was. #
  • Any recommendations for an Australian based Windows VPS provider? #
  • Just received my VPS details.Deep breath and here we go… #
  • Go say hi to Emilio at – my latest site that's just gone live. #
  • Not sure on this Logitech mouse just yet, may be heading back to Microsoft before too long. #
  • Grrrrrr. One mistake in entering an IP address for the VPS and now I have to wait another 24 hours for the change to propagate. #
  • Looks like The Age has started it's summer time diet already. #
  • Just improved the sync on subtitles for John Woo's The Killer. Can't wait to watch it now. #
  • Just saw a horrific accident. I hope it wasn't as tragic as it looked. #derrimut #
  • We've discovered an odd thing in our back yard – anyone have any idea what it may be? www, #
  • Just saw second car accident for the day, police and ambulance blocking off road. #derrimut #thinkiwillstayathomenow #
  • Sadly the 2nd accident was a fatality. I've seen people do crazy things on the road. #
  • 'the road' was meant to be that road. It's long, straight and no speed limiting devices. Idiots just can't help themselves. #
  • And sadly this is the result. #
  • Woo Hoo! VPS finally propagated. #

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