Just When You Think You’ve Got Away

They drag you back in….

After careful analysis of the fixture for next year, remembering just how freaking cold it is sitting at the ‘G on a cold winter’s afternoon, being well and truly jack of Channel 7’s treatment of the average footy fan and Rae receiving a bonus at work we’ve bitten the bullet and Foxtel is coming back in to our home.

It’s been about seven years since we unplugged Foxtel and we haven’t missed it all, except for the football. We just don’t watch television that much any more and having an extra 20 or so channels on the basic package only gave us more stuff not to watch. When they dropped the AFL channel that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Now that Foxtel will be broadcasting every game live it has become a much more appealing proposition. We love our footy and being able to see both of our teams no matter when or where they are was just too appealing. I had a quick look at the channels on the basic package that we had to take to get the sports and most seem very similar to the extra channels on free to air. We’ve gone HD too, even though there’s an extra cost (which is ridiculous) but there’s not much point in having a nice telly if you’re not going to use it.

So next week there’ll be an extra box and an extra remote. We’ll probably fire it up every now and then over the next couple of months but come late March it will give the media PC a run for its money. I’m just waiting for some geek on the forums to overcome Foxtel’s latest update and let us run the pay channels through the media PC.

Foxtel on my media PC. Now that would be heaven.

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  1. Glad to have you back. You forgot to mention the mid morning Ice Hockey games that you won’t watch because you will be working!!!!

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