What In The Earth?

We went shopping today. Or plan was to buy a seat/day bed for the deck but they were all too expensive so we went for a stroll around Masters. On our journey we found the perfect plants for the back garden. We’ve wanted some greenery out the back for ages and these were great and within budget.

We brought them home and started digging. All was going well until I was swinging the pick for hole number 2 and whack – I hit rock. At least I thought it was rock. The more we scraped and tried to find the edge the more puzzling it became. Slowly the rock revealed itself to be a rectangle of concrete.

It’s not on any of our plans but does sit within the easement boundary. There’s no identifying marks and it only has one hook thingy. Anybody have any idea on what this may be?


So now our quick one hour planting has turned in to a major renovation of the back yard. This will be covered up before too long but before it is we’d love to know what it’s doing there.

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